Monday, May 24, 2010

Help on a pair of baby hamsters?

i just bought 2 little hamsters. they are very small. one is gray and the other is white. can i buy a cage in which i can put both of them in. do you have any ideas on a good cage for both of them and do i need to know anything else about them?
I'm sorry, but putting them together would be a bad idea, because they are solitary animals, and they will kill each other if they lived together.
You should get 2 seperate cages. Also, you said they were small...Are they dwarf hamsters ? Because if they are, they need a special treatment...
The basic things you need:
-a cage
-hamster food, a food bowl and a water bowl
-dust bath (only for dwarf hamsters, to keep their fur shiny)
What NOT to give hamsters :
-apartment plants
-fried or sweet food
-potato or tomato peels
-You can give your hamsters baby carrots, pieces of apples, or certain kinds of vegetables, as long as they're washed properly and are not coming straight from the fridge.
You have to change your hamsters' water daily (make sure it's fresh) and his cage weekly.
Other stuff you can give your hamsters' are :
-Wood chews : you can get some at PJ's pet shop, they're good for them because a hamster's teeth never stop growing.
-I give my hasmter cotton balls. He tears them with his teeth and claws and uses it as a nest, or sometimes, he sleeps under it...
If you have a dwarf hamster, you have to give him a dust bath onca a week. He rolls himself in it, and it's really cute, so don't miss it !
Leave your hamsters at least one week to get used to their cage, then put a treat in your hand and let them come to you.
I would get a cage from petsmart. They have a mid-size cage with a big wheel attached around it. I've raised hamsters for some time. It has to be the best one!
if your hamsters are the syrian breed then they can-not live in a cage together - once they mature (very quickly) they will fight until the end :-( If your hamsters are Russian or chinese then they can live together but only in a cage will no bars as they can easily slip through. on my source is a link to a good cage. EXTRA INFO - . . then search hamster info
This may sound odd, but it is a cheap and great way to house your hamster. It is a bin cage. I use mine for my hamster and he loves it compared to his old pet store one! Here is a helpful site if you are interested:
They are cheap, easy to build, easy to clean and best of all more space for the hamster. Good luck!
I think they could go in the same cage:
any cage will do. i would make sure that they are both male or both female. i hate two hamsters and endedn up with 16..anyhow dont buy crittertrails is all i can say...they are too hard to clean...
i dont know about where to get a new cage from.
but i got my hamsters when they were v young (male and female) and i put them together in the same cage. they are very close and enjoyed playing and cuddling up 2gther.

the only problem is i had to separate them when she had her litter and although his cage is right next to hers, he seems quite lonely without her.
so im wondering if it was right to let them get so used to eachother from the begining. but looking back, i guess it wouldve been cruel to let them be alone so young if u can put them together.
but usually.. ive heard that syrian hamsters are solitary and should be kept alone as adults. if they are dwarf , they can live togther.
so its up to you i guess.

Help needed with my hamster?

my hamster, drew murty, was playing in his ball (you know the sort - blue plastic thingy) when my son accidentally kicked the ball across the room when he stood up. now drew murty is lying on his back twitching. what should I do? the vets office is closed and I'm worried. I don't have a car and I don't know the best way to move him! what should I do?
use a piece of cardboard or somthing that you can slide under the hamster and carefully put him in his cage, he may just be stunned or knocked out. But you should look up the number for a emergency exotics or small animal vet and give them a call. they can tell you what to look for, if he has to be seen and what not... i hope the little fellas ok, hamsters are tough little critters, but not indestructible.

EDIT: after seeing the other questions you have asked i don't think you should be allowed to have a kid, much less a hamster. I hope they both aren't scarred for life. Find the hamster i new home, give the kid to someone who will take care of it and check yourself in to some kind of clinic for your insanity.
Oh not that hamster of yours again! I think it's you that needs the help not the creature. Have you considered voluntarily sectioning yourself?
if you move it, do it with something hard underneath of the hamster. if you lift him onto someting hard, do it with as little movement as possible. Maybe he's just in shock right now, but you might want to take the bus or something to the vets when it opens again, just to be sure. and remember, move it as little as possible. Good Luck
Never mind...I read your other questions. Drew Murty is one hell of magician, as he can be a turtle, a friend with aids, and a hamster!
Telephone your vet, as many surgeries leave the telephone number of an emergency vet on their answerphones. If you cannot find an emergency vet, try ringing the RSPCA, looking on line or the Yellow Pages.
its probably just stunned pick it up and put it back in its cage. my hamster love doing that. she will run on top of you feet just so she can go spinning across the room.
Question; are all your pets called Drew Murty?
ps. don't buy anymore pets. I really hope your just mental %26 do not really have cat, tortoise, %26 hamster, all of which have experinced some sort of tragedy in recent times...
If you can I would carefully pick him up and lay him on some bedding in his cage there isn't a lot more you can do for him till tomorrow morning, he could just be in shock, i hope so if he is still with you in the morning take him round to the vets for a check up, try to keep him as quiet as possible for tonight to let him get over his shock and avoid handling him for a while and avoid the ball for a couple of weeks if he does make it, i hope he is ok, if you can let me know how he is tomorrow tks
not a thing but if it dies get some tissues
if you are to sacred to move him try to if not sure then maybe if you can call a vet t9 ask what to do . oh if you hamster is okay next time you should tell your son that the hamsters out in the ball so don't kick or mess with it . i not that sure thew if you should move but if you do put cage as far as you can to the ball and move him or her gently may add more beading to comfort her more oh and sudden moves you or your son don't want to get bit epically if you don't no where it hurts.
he's in shock, put him in his cage and watch him, he could be seriously hurt.
awwwwww poor drew pick him up!
Get a life and stop trolling on s.
lift him and leave him in his bed

HELP my rats have little bugs on them !?

well i bathed him in my sink with some hot water not to hot though but i washed him with a little tiny bit of dawn not even dime size and used the hair dryer on low he seemed to like this then i checked him over again and i saw nothing but i ran a flea brush thing threw his hair but i need some thing that way they dont come back and im not even sure if their even gone yet but what should i do ?
If rats have parasites they usually have lice. My rats had them for awhile and it was not very nice. Definitely take them to the vet for a proper prescription to get rid of the bugs. Also make sure to clean the cage thoroughly (wash the cage carefully with bleach) twice a week to stop a reinfection.
leave him for a few days to see if they are fully gone, keep checking him and if he stil has them you can get flea treatment for them at stores but apply it to the back of the neck where they tend not to reach. they should die off by then. to make sure they dont come back keep his cage clean and try not to get flies or mosquitoes in where he lives bacause they can carry around alot of stuff. hope this helps. best answer please ;)
you should get a hairless rat
do not use any commercial over the counter flea products on your rats it can kill them. you need to take them to a vet and get the correct medicine and dosage for them. i learned that the hard way.
Many of my pet rats have had mites and I have used a flea and tick killer made for small animals and it worked. I've never seen an over the counter product made just for mites but I did some research and the flea and tick killer has the same active ingredient as mite killer from a vet. If that doesn't work then take them to the vet.
clean their cages and toys. talk to the vet about what kind of flea shampoo to use on them. or check the pet shop near you about any rodent flea shampoos they might have. you might have to bug bomb the house to get rid of them, just make sure you take your pets elsewhere and clean up before you bring them home.
Well first of all you dont give rats baths.. and try seeing a vet honey!! you don't want something wrong with your rat!!

HELP my rats have little bugs on them !?

well i bathed him in my sink with some hot water not to hot though but i washed him with a little tiny bit of dawn not even dime size and used the hair dryer on low he seemed to like this then i checked him over again and i saw nothing but i ran a flea brush thing threw his hair but i need some thing that way they dont come back and im not even sure if their even gone yet but what should i do ?
1st off, don't wash your rat in dawn or any other product than shampoo made for them. Too many bad chemicals in them to harm him. 2nd. You can use kitten advantage on him. Use very little but it is safe. Petco does sell flea products for rats though.
Also, besure to clean their cage daily for about a week to make sure there's no more bugs.
Clean the cage as often as you can. The bugs could have laid eggs in the bedding or in the carpet near the cage.
Also, it might not be fleas at all, but mites. For that you would probably need to take them to a vet.

Help my poor pet rabbit!?

my rabbit wont eat from my hand!! he used to but now he doesnt!
sounds like you love him, but maybe your not giving him enough time alone. i wouldn't worry to much if he doesn't eat from your hand. my rabbit LOVES me (I mean, REALLY loves me), and she won't eat from my hand, but I don't care. I still love her even if she doesn't!
maybe you should wash your hands. i don't like to eat from dirty plates I'm sure your rabbit doesn't either.
Wash them first!
just put it in a bowl- as long as he's eating it doesn't matter if it's from your hand or not.
maybe your hand smells....really bad lol lol lol
He/she may be sick or stressed.
Did you change her diet?
Will she eat at all?
Is she biting/scratching?
Is she passing normal pellets?
Those are some signs of sickness or stress. If none of those she/he may just be having behavioral changes.If any of those occure take him/her to ur vet. GOOD LUCK!
wash your hands... wash the treat if its fruit or veggies... before feeding it sit it on your lap and pet it, if you hear it grinding its teeth its content and most likely trusts you more. try feeding it then and if it doesnt eat from your hand try a different treat or food
He is growing up. When you were a baby your guardians fed you from a spoon now you feed yourself.
Like a few people have said wash you hands first is a good idea. But also check your rabbits teeth! If he's off his food totally check them and if they are long and over grown take him to the vets.
Not all rabbits will eat from you hand, maybe he just doesn't want to any more. If he's health don't worry.
Maybe you ate soemthing before and he doesnt like the smell??Or maybe you should feed him in a bowl..
Hope you feel better!!
you should try and play with your rabbit more times to get him trust you it clearly states that your rabbit is afraid of try and give him nice treats from your hand after u play with him for about 2 to three days zd see what happens
Maybe your rabbit doesnt trust you anymore.
It's alright! He's just not used to you anymore. Either you haven't been hanging around him alot like he used to or you have done something offensive to him.
heres the thing rabbits are like little kids (i know i have one lol) they have there good days and bad days. Maybe he just dousnt want that treat try giveing him something new or just give him a day or 2. Oh and on the patty training thing lol you dont take them out side you get a litter box form your pet store made for rabbits fill it with Critter Litter (safe if he eats it do not use cat litter!) then put some hay on top of that so he will be rewarded when he hops in. Ok now that you know how to make the litter box heres where you put it 1: in his cage in the coner where he uses it the most then put his food, toys, water, house etc. in the other 4 coners this will help him to see thats the bathroom 2: if hes not in a cage (or even if he is this is still a good idea to have 2 litter boxes) put it in the coner of the room where he likes to go bathroom in at 1st he will go infront of it then behind it then in it it takes them time to get it right. but this should help you out a lot with the litter box training go to and click on litter box training

Help my mouse looks sick!?

I bought my fancy white mouse two days was really playful and energetic. The this morning I went to see it and it was barely moving...what could be wrong? What can I do?
These little guys can get upper resp. infections easily. The absolute BEST thing you can do for him is take him to the vet. Depending on where you got him, you may be able to return him and let them take care of him. He might need antibiotics and such.
What kind of bedding is he on? They can also have allergic reactions to cedar and pine bedding. If you are using either of those get him out of it now. Put him on paper towels until you can get him proper bedding. Aspen or Carefresh would be the best.
See if he will eat some pumpkin mix (VERY small amount) or some plain yogurt. That may help him go to the bathroom. Has he been eating? Also, mouse poop is VERY small and you might just not be seeing it.
Good luck! I hope everything turns out ok.
it could be VERY sick. take her to the vet.
It seems like its time for SUPER VET. I would take it to the vet it doesn't seem well. It could be constipated. Dont feed Mice cheese there allergic!
llevalo al veterinario
First of all, what you need to do it put him in a small cage with a heating pad turned on LOW underneath the cage, but only underneath part, so he can crawl away if he gets too hot. next, put some really comfy bedding in, such a toilet paper. then, try to feed him some treats, and baby food helps (through a tiny syringe) next, the most important part CALL A VET. they will not charge you, and if you call there and they dont really want to talk to you, then call somewhere else, because if they tell you that they dont know whats wrong, or something else, they probably just want you to come in. You should only listen to a vet if you can tell that he/she loves animals and just wants to help., not just to earn money.
GOOD LUCK! HOPE HE GETS BETTER SOON! %26lt;3%26lt;3%26lt;3
Have you been feeding her regularly?? Have you been changing her water regularly...take her to the vet to see whats wrong.
Firstly mice are nocturnal, so in the mornings they are usually sleeping. When they are disrupted, their sleep patterns will be funny for a while. Your mouse was probably just getting used to its new environment for the first couple of days. My mice are extra energetic after i clean their cage and rearrange their toys, the love exploring.
If your mouse is not more alert and playful at night (sometimes they only want to come out really late, so monitor it for a few days) then there may be a more serious problem.
also with the pooping issue, it has only been two days so there will not be much and they are very small. if you use shredded paper or other deep beddings, the excrement will fall to the bottom and you won't see much. if u are worried, take a careful look at the bottom of the bedding.
make sure your mouse is eating and drinking (if using a bottle, check it regularly by touching the nozzle with a clean finger, a little water should come out) and if your mouse gets worse, think about calling a vet.

Help my hamster's paw is bleeding?

Take her to the vet for medicine to put on it's wounded paws. You can take a ice cube and put it on it's paw, it helps to stop the bleeding too.
ok well then ur hamster probly bit it self or scratch it on the cage,or it had bilster on its paw.
maybe it scathed it on something or maybe it is being irritated by flies and it tries to scratch them off.
hope i helped
the vet..there shouldnt be a reason to y it bled unless u keep it in a wire based cage which can and will hurt its feet
Your hamster will be fine, it will heal just fine.
use the quick stop to stop the bleeding its the same stuff people use to stop bleeding when they are cutting nails on dogs. If you don't have any on hand go to the kitchen and get a spoon full of flour. It helps stop bleeding ( I have used it for my guinea pig) After all that and your hammy has calmed down inspect the area and see what may have caused it. Then call a local vet that works with small animals and help you along with the rest of it hope this helps
Chances are it is nothing this does occationally happen they bite them selves or just scratch themselves. I would not recommend a vet but I don't know use your judgment. Is there a lot of blood? has it stopped bleeding by the time you read this?
Hope this helped
VET. is not and never will be, an alternative to a veterinarian.